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Copyright Notice is a UK job search engine assistant. GoFish does not own the rights to any of the jobs promoted via the site. It is merely a web based internet tool that links externally to existing UK Job Search Engines.

If you know of a site that you would like incorporating into then please send us an email. Likewise if you are of the owner of a site that has been wrongfully listed and you would like it removed please also contact us for immediate removal.

Currently there are over 1000 jobs search engines, career advice websites, internet recruitment agencies, employment brokers and job vacancy boards. It is therefore the believed that one more of these is not needed and instead it is thought that a tool to help UK Job seekers quantify the internet job safari that is the UK Internet Job market.

GoFish is therefore fundamentally different as it is not aimed at getting users employment, but is aimed at harnessing the power of other UK Internet Job Vacancies to meet the same employment goal.

" has been set up with the sole objective of quantifying the existing UK Job Search Engine Market and internet job vacancy boards."

The company is run on a not for profit basis by several Business IT graduates from Manchester Metropolitan University and is therefore totally unbiased towards any of the companies listed.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the jobs listed are both accurate and up-to-date can not be held responsible for any misleading or misrepresentation portrayed by any third party sites.

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